02 December 2010

Zirana 5 in 1 Infrared Slimming Undergarment

RM 99

Underwear Slimming original mega dots flip high seam strength nanotechnology Nano set as set O Nami.Slimming Lingerie 5 IN 1 Nanotechnology works better than five times from other brands. A soft, flexible fabric.Makes comfortable in the first set consists of five parts.

1. Two muscle a long off the hip.
2.Trousers in the first.
3. A short one.
4. Cover band legs the two arms.
Available in two colors: black / brown
How to use
  • Add to wear on the bottom.
  • To work quickly put every day MINIMUM eight hours per day.
  • Try to drink as much water TO GET BETTER RESULT.
  • If we put the WHOLE day. wash at night. Be more convenient if use 2 set.

How to clean.
  • Wash with soap water or water only. 
  • Do not exposed to the sun.